Your Local Paver Install Crew

We believe quality work starts with the people and materials you choose for the job.

The vision behind St. Petersburg Pavers

We come from a long background in the Landscape, tree and yard makeover space.  We continued to run into clients who wanted more than just a tree trim or lush landscaping makeover.  If the total yard wasn’t perfect, then our job was not as good as it could be.

You can swap out plants all day long until you are beyond exhausted, but if you have an eyesore in the middle of the landscaping, the end result is never going to be “Wow, that looks amazing”!

This led us to hire professional hardscape workers as part of our crew and opened doors to be able to provide fully involved landscapes for even the most discerning clients.

Our Work

Here is a sampling of our work in the St. Pete area.

Why do you need to get an estimate from St. Petersburg Pavers?

We know this area and have spent our lives here, living and working in Pinellas county.  We have formed good connections with local business and know where to source materials and tools at a fair price.  This is our home, we are not going anywhere and stand behind our work!

Dedicated Team

We employ our own people and do not use subs.

wealth of knowledge

We stay up to date on the latest techniques and materials in our industry. From sealing products and repair techniques.

high-end equipment

We invest in our own equipment, from skidsteers, dump trailers and tamps all the way down to our concrete saws. We are equipped and ready to do your job.

Some things you should know

ask about our financing options…

Our job is complete when you are satisfied!

Material options have increased in the last few years with multicolor variegated options, textured surfaces, permeable pavers and advanced sealers.

We plan for contingencies and take every precaution to make sure your job goes smoothly.  In the rare instances that materials or equipment might hold us up, we will be in touch to keep you informed and offer options.

Our crew is up to date with required base material compaction and hardscape material installation.  This ensures a proper paver installation that will last.

We didn’t install your pavers?  No problem we are happy to come out for repairs.  Leveling of pavers, pitching surfaces and French drains for water issues.  We also offer paver cleaning and sealing.